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The Benefits of Truecore® Steel Framing

Significant thought and planning go into the construction of a new home, and a crucial decision in that process is the selection of building materials.  The use of steel framing in residential homes is not a new concept and has been used in many Australian homes for over 50 years. The increasing popularity of steel framing is due to the clear advantages it can offer to both builders and homeowners.

Characteristic Strength & Versatility

Truecore® steel frames are consistently straight and true, meaning that the frame will not warp or twist over time. Steel is generally considered a more durable material than timber, plus the strength-to weight ratio of steel allows for longer spans and flexible design. This adaptability of Truecore® steel can eliminate the need for internal load bearing wall and allows for the high ceilings and open floorplans that are popular in today’s contemporary design.

Environmentally Friendly & Efficient

Steel is one of the most recycled materials on earth; it is 100% recyclable, has an infinite lifespan and does not need to be treated with pesticides and other chemicals.

There are also certain building and cost efficiencies attached with steel framing. For example, Truecore® steel framing can be pre-fabricated offsite to allow for fast installation. It is also lightweight, consistent and dimensionally accurate which can reduce onsite wastage.

Termite Proof & Disaster Resistant

Termites can be a destructive pest in Australia, and feed off cellulose-containing material like timber. Truecore® steel is 100% termite and borer proof.

The Australian climate and weather conditions can be unforgiving, and the best protection for your home could be durable material that will stand the test of time. In the case of flooding and cyclones, where water damage is a high possibility, steel framing will not rot, warp, it is highly resistant to mould and fungus and can also withstand cyclonic wind speeds. Truecore® steel is not combustible and will not catch fire, nor will it contribute spread of a fire or release smoke and carbon dioxide.

‘Peace of Mind’ Warranty

Just in case you need any further reassurance, Truecore® steel framing comes with a 50-year warranty, meaning that your house frame durability is backed to last generations.

For more information about the undeniable advantages of Truecore® Steel visit the website.


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