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Simple path to a brand-new home

In conjunction with the newest land release at Maranda Heights and the opening of their new Display Home, Maranda Properties have released a fantastic range of new home and land packages in the estate.

Maranda Properties House & Land Package

Project Manager for Maranda Properties, Karl Schirmer said “Home and land packages are one of the easiest and fastest ways to purchase a new home that can be tailor-made to meet a family’s needs”.

“It takes so much of the uncertainty out of the decision-making process”, he said.

“There is actually a long list of benefits for new home seekers in considering a Home and Land package. We are covering a small number here, and will continue our list in articles to follow”, Karl continued.

The traditional process of searching for and buying land and then having to search around for a builder for the right home consumes a lot of time and can cost the buyer a lot of money. A home and land package provides a great opportunity to dramatically simplify this process for many, including:

  1. Having the ability to select both the land and home design means you can more easily ensure you buy a property that suits all your needs. You have the freedom to select a design that works for your family on the lot size and location that suits your lifestyle.
  2. You can take advantage of house designs which have been thoroughly considered by design experts to make the most efficient use of space and offer great value.
  3. You take advantage of the latest in design and expert styling, including the coordination of colour palettes, fittings and fixtures.
  4. Brand new appliances give you a full warranty which includes 5 years on kitchen appliances with Maranda Properties packages.
  5. First home owners will likely qualify for the First Home Owners Grant of $15,000 and exemptions from stamp duty.

This is just the start. The peace of mind of a smooth construction and being able to move in quicker makes it an easy choice, especially for many first-time home builders.

Take the first step by visiting the Maranda Properties Display Home at 19 Longford Street at our next Opening and we will help you find the perfect home for your preferred lot or the ideal lot for your favourite home design.

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